Schedule Instructions

photo of planner and writing materials
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How to read the schedule :

The multi-colored two week pages reflect the time and days available for instruction:

  • Light Blue designates available slots at the JCC in Bridgewater
  • Dark Blue Designates slots at the RVCC.
  • Yellow time/date slots are not offered.
  • Slots with names are already booked.
  • The graphics show RVCC and JCC open and reserved.

How to Request Instruction:

  • After you have decided on a potential time/date and have reviewed the Tuition and Policy Pages : Send me an email with your SPECIFIC date and times to be requested.
  • I will then send a return email if the requests works or do not.
  • Always check the online schedule as the FINAL verification. And I’d also suggest you check again before travelling to the pool.
  • No Surprises for both of us is a “good thing”.
September is closer than you think.