Virtual Schedule

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Book as far in advance as you can as waiting for the schedule to get “better” is not going to produce the results you desire. Myriad swimmers (some over 10 years with me) have no problems getting in : being proactive is a characteristic of Champions.

Month OneMay 3 – May 30
Month TwoMay 31 – June 27
Month ThreeJune 28 – July 25
Month FourJuly 26 – August 22
Please limit requests to dates and times offered. Booking past 4 months got way out of hand and problematic.

Doc Councilman

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Effort

Ground Rules

The above quote is something I say to swimmer often. And is an important concept for living. I’ve a large number of swimmers and I choose to spend my hours engaging them in person. To do so I have created standard operating procedures to allow me to schedule swimmer engagements, communicate and minimize confusion, duplicate emails and texts. Please read the next page. Scheduling, Tuition, Tips and More.

Scheduling Instructions
Ground Rules

Competitor Area

As swimming transitions from the Short Course into the Long Course Season : It’s time to close out and FREEZE your SCY/SCM journal Best Times and begin your LCM page. Bring your journal and equipment bags to every session.

Time Standards