Virtual Schedule

Photo by Jim De Ramos on Pexels.com
Month OneNov 21 – Dec 18
Month TwoDec 19 – Jan 15
Month ThreeJan 16 – Feb 12
Month FourFeb 13 – Feb 19

UPDATED 11/19/22

Cancel appointments with conflicts as soon as they arise. For the 20 plus years of teaching I still get last minute cancellations when meet schedules were known.

All last minute cancellations under 24 hours or no shows will be charged.

Ground Rules

Scheduling Instructions
Ground Rules
I’m will not be working on the website until 9/8 – please do not send duplicate emails.

Virtual Swim will be teachng only at the RVCC going forward.

Success is rising to higher standards.

Too Many needless emails and people not reading the ground rules. Some swimmers not journaling.

Competitor Area

REST is an essential element of athletics. Take it seriously, if you aren’t swimming well it may be lack of rest.

JOURNALING is mandatory. I eliminate those who do not.

Time Standards